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Real food.
Real people.
We got you

Here at Wendy’s, we get that everyone has their unique cravings. For that just-right hamburger. For that great new job. You know what you want, and we’ll embrace that when you work here. Flexibility. Fun. The feeling that you can just be you.

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The Wendy’s Story

What’s in a name? In our case, it’s a daughter. The daughter of founder Dave Thomas, a man who loved food and people above all else. When Wendy’s opened as a business in 1969, other quick-service restaurants were using frozen beef and mass-producing food. Dave’s approach to preparing fresh, made-to-order hamburgers was pioneering. And our can’t-stop-won’t-stop way of satisfying our customer’s needs is something we’re proud of to this very day.

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Photograph of a Wendy's employee in the drive-thru window, early in the company's history. Here we are on the cutting edge of the drive-thru biz! An image of an enamel pin, featuring Dave Thomas's book, 'Dave's Way'.

Fair and Square

We started selling our famous square-shaped hamburgers 50 years ago. Ever since the beginning we’ve treated our employees in that same spirit: fair and square. It all comes down to our values. They don’t come from a rulebook. They come from everyone showing up to work as their real selves. We embrace everyone’s individuality. We have fun. And we turn out some pretty amazing hamburgers in the process.

Photograph of the famous Wendy's hamburger with square patties. Why is our burger square? Because we don't cut corners!


Diversity and Inclusion

Variety is what we offer. To our customers, and to our employees. Variety is who we are. Diversity here at Wendy’s means everyone is accepted. Everyone is celebrated. Join us and get not just permission but full-on empowerment to be you and nothing but you.

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Join our fam and get more than the spicy nuggs you crave. Medical coverage, insurance options, and paid time off are some of the ways we got you.*


Beyond Benefits

Easy access to a Frosty machine isn’t the only perk. Discounts, raises, and room to grow are just part of what our employees can expect for putting in the work.*

Flexible schedules

Personalized training

Growth opportunities

Potential for raises 2x a year

Virtual doctor's visits

Meal discounts

* Benefits depend on eligibility and location. Wendy’s franchise organizations determine their own compensation and benefits, which may vary from Company-owned locations.

Giving Back

Adopted as an infant, Dave Thomas grew up with deep sense of respect for family, community, and giving of oneself to others. He infused this ethic into his business practices, ever devoted to action over talk. From our Foster Care Adoption program to Opportunity Youth & Families, Wendy’s dedication to community is paramount.

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adoption at Wendy’s.