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The Wendy’s Story

First of all, yes, Wendy is a real person. And a pretty special one, being the daughter of our founder Dave Thomas. Back in 1969, he looked around at all the other burger joints and said, “Nah. People deserve better.” At the time, other quick-service restaurants were using frozen beef and keeping food under heat lamps. Not Dave. His approach of serving fresh, made-to-order hamburgers changed the game. His can’t-stop-won’t-stop commitment to making customers happy drives everything we do today.

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Fair and Square

We started selling our famous square-shaped burgers 50 years ago. Ever since the beginning, we've strived to treat employees in that same spirit: fair and square. It all comes down to our values. They don’t come from a rulebook. They come from everyone showing up to work as their real selves. We want to be the kind of place where everyone feels free to be themselves. We have fun and we turn out some pretty amazing burgers in the process.

Why is our hamburger square?

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One Big Family

What’s it REALLY like to work at Wendy’s? We’re a pretty tight bunch. And we have a ton of fun. Get a peek into the action here and see the possibilities that a job at Wendy’s can lead to.


Doing Good,
Every Day

From the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption-Canada to the everyday support we offer each other and our communities, we’re dedicated to making a difference.