When our square shaped burgers made their first sizzle on the scene 50 years ago, people knew our approach wasn’t like any other. Same goes for the way we support our employees. They don’t have to fit a box. And our environment of openness and honesty allows everybody to flourish in their own way. It’s what our founder Dave Thomas intended from Day One.

Give Something Back
Profit Means Growth
Quality is Our Recipe
Do the Right Thing
Treat People with Respect



Join our fam and get more than the spicy nuggs you crave. Medical coverage, insurance options, and paid time off are some of the ways we got you.*

Beyond Benefits

Easy access to a Frosty machine isn’t the only perk. We go beyond traditional benefits to support your whole real life: discounts, raises, and room to grow are just part of what our employees can expect for putting in the work.*

Flexible schedules
Personalized training
Growth opportunities
Potential for raises 2x yearly
Virtual doctor's visits
Meal discounts

*Benefits depend on eligibility and location. Our franchise organizations determine their own compensation and benefits, which might be different than Company-owned locations.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DE&I at Wendy's mean engaging everyone, celebrating different backgrounds, and empowering everyone to bring their authentic self to work. What we strive to do is simple—create an environment where everyone feels comfortable being who they are and empowered to contribute to a culture of fun and team work.

Our employee resource groups create opportunities for learning, inclusion, career growth, and leadership development. We encourage you to learn more about them.*

*Employee Resource Groups currently limited by location.


Wendy's Young Professionals
Wendy's Equality Resource Group
Wendy's Cultural Diversity Resource Group
Wendy's Veterans Resource Group
Women of Wendy's Resource Group
Wendy’s Black Employee Resource Group
We Care