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Keeping it real

No fake love here. Watch our videos and see.

“It's not every job that you can work with your family members.”

Cassandra | Crew Member
Fam since 2015
Favorite Food: Spicy Chicken Sandwich

“I feel like we are very diverse and all types of people are welcome.”

Malakya | Crew Member
Wendy’s Fam since 2018
All-time favorite: Be anything spicy. The spicy nuggets of course, spicy chicken, bacon, jalapeno or the spicy Buffalo ranch salad.

“If you really want to work and if you have ambition, Wendy's is there to help you progress.”

Gabriella | Shift Manager
Wendy's Fam since 2009
All-time favorite: Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Why Wendy's

We keep it real. It’s our personality. People want to have fun … where they dine, and where they work. We see to both. Our customers adore Wendy’s, and we adore them. It’s all about camaraderie. We keep things light, yet lively.

Career Growth

It starts with one-on-one training and exposure to all aspects of our restaurant operations. From there it’s up to you. Wendy’s has defined career paths for those who want to be promoted and advanced.

Photograph of the red Wendy's crew member hat.

What do you love about your work?

We asked. They answered. Here’s a snapshot of what our crew members say about working in our restaurants.

“I knew this was where I needed to be. It helps me. We are family.”


Crew Member, Cashier

“They accept me for who I am. I love piercings. I love tattoos and I could show them off, I don't have to put on a long sleeve, you know. I could come to work and be who I am.”


Crew Member, Cashier

“I'll be happy to go wherever Wendy's takes me. I'm a full-fledged lifer in this business. I've been around for 21 years.”


District Manager

“Honestly, it's the people. The people here make it worth coming to work.”


Crew Member, Cashier

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“Wendy's understands if you have school and sports, they manage the schedule and cooperate with you.”


Crew Member, Cashier

“Anybody can walk in the door and it can be the worst day of their life and you have the chance to put a smile on their face.”


Training Manager

“I post Wendy’s on my Snapchat & Facebook. Because the community makes me feel good, I stand by the brand and I think that everyone should know what Wendy's does.”


Crew Member

“Passion is super important. Yeah. You gotta be passionate about serving a hamburger.”


Training Store Manager

Really good question.

What's your go-to Wendy's menu item?

“Spicy chicken. I like spicy food. Oh, it's just my culture."


“Avocado BLT Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Hands down."


“My favorite, (out of) anywhere & anything is fries."


“Spicy Buffalo Chicken Salad. It has my favorite sandwich ON IT. So I can't be mad about it."


“Homestyle Chicken Sandwich. It blows others away."


“4 for 4 with the spicy chicken wrap. It is the best. Yeah."